About Us

SGVCC is an intensive program that helps disadvantaged youth develop the motivation, self-confidence, work skills, and education necessary to take advantage of an opportunity to succeed in life. Guided by adult leaders, who serve as mentors, role models, technical trainers and supervisors, SGVCC participants work in crews of 5-10 to rebuild or revitalize blighted areas in their communities, usually areas of low-income.

At SGVCC, we create and promote a safe, healthy, and structured environment for work and learning. We also provide education opportunities for students to earn a High School Diploma or prepare for the G.E.D. exam in our Charter/High School as well as providing after-school homework assistance at our partner high schools. We nurture students’ aspirations and provide the opportunity for post-secondary education. We also offer high-quality vocational instruction and paid job training in the areas of environmental conservation projects and community service, construction and rehabilitation of affordable hosing, recycling and environmental education and training. We also service learning opportunities for at-risk high school students as well as teach work ethic, teamwork, and essential life skills, through mentoring and leadership training. We also encourage healthy life choices through positive role modeling and a variety of personal development education, including conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention, and responsible driving education. Lastly, we promote economic self-sufficiency through career assessment, employment development, and job placement and follow-up services.

Are You an SGVCC Alumni?

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Our Mission

The mission of the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps (SGVCC) is to develop and transform disadvantaged youth in the San Gabriel Valley by providing academic, vocational, and leadership development while also employing them to provide valuable services to improve their communities and the natural environment.

Program Structure

The San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps is an excellent stepping stone to advance in non-traditional job training and education. The SGVCC embodies teamwork, self-discipline, determination, commitment, dedication, ambition and responsibility. These characteristics are highly sought after by potentials employers.

SGVCC is a place providing work training and education to disadvantaged youth, ages 16 – 24, (or 18 – 25) to help young people transform their lives. Crews of 5-10 corpsmembers, assist in building and transforming blighted areas within the communities of the San Gabriel Valley.

Corpsmembers may participate in programs that SGVCC offers to further their work training experiences. Youth acquires knowledge in various trades such as environmental and conservation work, construction, masonry, plumbing, framing, drywall, roofing, recycling and organic farming.

Adult leaders, mentors and supervisors work closely with youth teaching technical skills and hands-on learning to assist each corpsmember with employment opportunities.

While receiving hands-on learning, youth may continue to further their education through earning their high school diploma or by taking college courses at their local community college.

All programs provide job readiness, leadership mentoring, communication and life skills to assist youth to become successful and productive members of society.