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Through a grant from the California Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle); SGVCC provides free recycling services for the 31 cities in the San Gabriel Valley as well as job training and education to our youth.

Youth enrolled in the Green Recycle program perform not only environmental and conservation projects throughout the San Gabriel Valley, but also continue to further their education through earning their high school diploma or by taking college courses at their local community college.

By contracting with the SGVCC Green Recycle program, businesses help to provide job training, education and environmental awareness to youth ages 18-25 as they strive to create a better life for themselves.

Currently our Green Recycle provides our professional recycling services to over 100 office business, schools, venues, and special events (see link for partners).

Green Recycle offers the following services:

Special Events: SGVCC provides recycling services to community events such as parades, street fairs, festivals and more.

Collections: We provide collections services to bars, restaurants, corporate and government offices. This much needed service fills a void left by waste haulers who are unable to services business due to lack of volume.

Educational Profit Sharing: Through our GREAT (Green Recycling Education and Training) Team we help educate our local schools the importance of recycling. The profit-sharing program with schools is not only educational it also encourages our next generation to be conservationists. This is also a great way for schools to fund raise.

Education & Community Outreach: SGVCC provides education and outreach to the community about the 4 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Re-Think!

Assistance in meeting Assembly Bill 341 mandate: SGVCC is here to help!!

All multi-family housing and commercial units generating more than four cubic yards of waste per week or multi-family properties with five or more units MUST DIVERT 75% OF RECYCLABLE WASTE. Through our Green Recycle program we offer recycling collection services to business, commercial & institutional facilities, events, apartments, and condominiums to comply with the ordinance.

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